Amber Artisans Teething Necklace Review

Svajunas a baltic Amber Specialist grew up on a small town in the sea coast when he was growing up he was always around Amber and it was the general remedy of all things and still is. If your child has a sore throat or headache and temperature or just wanted protection from all you wore amber. As he grew up he watched family members use it for aches and pains such as arthritis and gout. They realized how powerful amber is. So he decided to start his own company and make beautiful pieces to share with the world. This piece got here pretty fast the one He is wearing is the Baltic Amber baby Teething Necklace retails for $22.95  we tried this out as he has been having teething problems since the beginning around a month or so old drooling really bad and cranky. Also he is having issues with spitting up we are still currently using this but it seems to be helping some so we will see what it is like when he gets older of course he has no teeth yet but I know he is teething my daughter starting teething around the same age. So far I really like this necklace not to mention it's pretty stylish too. If you would like your own or to go check out the site in further detail go to Amberartisans. And take a look around you won't be sorry.

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