Christopher Pop-In-Kins Review

This Book and doll set is the perfect thing to add to your Christmas Decor. Santa's First Elf based on the 1960's family tradition, Christopher Pop-In-Kins is one of the oldest Christmas Elf's available today. In late November Santa sends Christopher-In-Kins into the Children's world to visit boys and girls and share the excitement of the holiday season. Each night when children are sleeping Christopher "pops" in and out of new places. Christopher may play hide and seek popping in and out of places but can only move when children are sleeping. Children can't touch Christopher or he will have to go back to the north pole for Santa to restore his magic. Christopher pop-in-kins has received many awards
* 2011 The Toy man seal of Excellence
* 2011 The Toy man E-Choice Award
* The Toy Man Award of Approval
And so many more check out the site Christopher Pop-In-Kins for this perfect addition to your home.

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