Yoomi Self Warming Bottle Review

Yoomi is the first ever self warming baby bottle this is a bottle and warmer in one. Yoomi heats to the natural temperature of a mother's breast milk just by touching a button. In just 60 sec. it's ready for your baby. The bottle was created by Farrah and Jim a mom and dad stumbling around in the kitchen and begging waiters for hot water when away at friends and family's houses knew there was a better solution. With Farrah's inspiration and Jim's electrical skills they came up with the support of family and friends the yoomi bottle was created. Yoomi originated in the Uk and has expanded internationally. This is great for Travel and in the middle of the night feeding I recommended getting a few of the warmers they retail for $25 good for trips to the mall or if your going to the Doctor and don't have access to warm water. To prepare the Yoomi for feeding all you do is boil the warmer in a shallow pot of water and continue to boil for 25 min on it's side that's it and let it cool for 75 min before use. This warmer is ideal for parents who plan ahead. It is important to always have your warmer charged before going to sleep or before a long trip. Bottles come in 2 different sizes 5 oz with slow flow nipples for babies up to 6 months and 8oz med flow nipples for babies 6 months and older. Yoomi is launching a Facebook Contest for expecting mom's this is how it works it's called the "Yoomi Baby Shower Gifts Contest" basically you need to be nominated by a friend of family member the winner will receive a gift basket with baby essentials that are worth $500 dollars the nominator and nominee must like there Facebook Page in order to participate go to this link to enter Shower Power Contest . 
This contest will run every quarter "every 3 months" so it gives people a chance to nominate the same person or someone new. That being said please go to there Facebook and start nominating someone you want to get all these goodies and care for. Don't forget in order to participate in this 
you must "Like them on Facebook". Also check them out on the web at Yoomi. This contest Ends December 8th so get your entries in.

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