Magnabilities Jewelry Review

Magnabilities is a online Jewelry Company that sells interchangeable necklaces, pendents, rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Etc. They even have gift sets perfect for the Holiday's coming up. I was sent out this interchangeable necklace with different pendents to review this is genius this way I can wear anything and I'm sure to have a matching pendent to go with. This idea was started back in 2008 when Susan begin moving a magnetic insert off and on the washer and asked her neighbors what they thought of it at the time their family's were going through hardships. They started setting up craft show booths wherever they could find a good deal. They converted there homes into production and shipping centers and had friends and family over for design nights to prep products for the next show. The response they received was positive. Magnabilities officially launched nationwide in January of 2010 and is now leading the gift industry in magnetic interchangeable jewelry. I would highly recommended for everyone to check this out this is perfect for the holiday season coming up great gift idea's follow the link Magnabilities.

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