ThredUP Ambassador November Monthly Finds


This month I’m a tell you about a couple dresses I received through thredUP as you know I am an ambassador for thredUP but not only that before I became ambassador I love the program they have for buying new and used high end clothing. And the process of donating new and used clothing as well. If you have used clothing or new clothing with tags that you just are not going to wear all you have to do is download their app and go to the clean out section. Request a bag and then fill it up this bag has a prepaid label on it so you do not have to worry about paying for shipping. However if you want the clothes returned that don’t sell then you need to pay for that. Any clothing that I send out if they do not sell I automatically just donate them to whoever they donate to. Now these prices are pretty cheap that you sell your clothing for however if you’re not using it why not sell it for a little bit of money. Once they process your bag you can adjust the pricing a whore into what you like they automatically price it out to their standards.

So like I said this month I picked out two dresses one of them being an Old Navy dress the other one is a pink lily dress. I absolutely love both of them I will start with the Old Navy dress first.

 I chose this dress in a size small. This could be perfect anytime of year whether you’re wearing  it for winter time or spring time it is a sleeveless tank dress. During the winter time you can pair it up with a beautiful jean jacket it could be a darker gene or a lighter gene regardless it would go with this dress. The reason I chose a small is because it’s really Flowey and giving. So I felt like a medium would just be too big. The quality of thredUP merchandise is always excellent I have never had any issues when purchasing items from them. This dress cost only $21.99 and it retails for $40.00 that is 53% off of retail price.

The next dress I’m going to tell you about is from Pink Lily this is a new brand that I really am liking. You can find a lot of their items on ThreadUP. This dress is a beautiful floral design just enough flow to it that I absolutely love. The inside of the dress is an emerald green color just a lining in the dress. Another thing I love about this dress is the ruffle detail it makes it look a little bit dressier it would be the perfect dress to wear to a wedding it is very casual to wear to church as well. The fit on this is a little bit bigger than the dress earlier but this one is a little bit more of a flowey material which I like. The cost of this dress is $21.99 and normally retails for $48.00 that is 54% off of retail value. This is why I love threadUP and I will always continue to support them. They have amazing prices and amazing quality items.

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