FYGL 3 in 1 Dumbell


FYGL 3 in one adjustable dumbbell sets barbell rubber workout band 

I just love how this FYGL dumbbell set it is so versatile with the workouts. I love how the system comes with adjustable dumbbells that you can add a barbell and rubber workout bands to incorporate different workouts into your routine. They retail for $49.99 which I think is an excellent deal considering you can do so many workouts between these different ways you can put the barbells together.

They have different colors such as pink, gray, and blue. I chose the pink. This can be a very great system to take with you when traveling. There will be no excuses not to work out this is very portable and versatile. You can even go on their TikTok or Instagram to check out different workouts they have for you to do.

I think it is great that you could form both of these into a barbell which makes it versatile to fit different people‘s needs. They also have a Instagram as well with different workouts. You can customize your barbell with the dumbbell weights that are included in each weight that have that built in galvanized iron columns from 1.2 pounds all the way up to 3.8 pounds included are eight piece galvanized iron blocks total.


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