SunnyLand Farms Prep for the Thanksgiving Holiday!!


Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

Sunnyland Farms is an amazing online company that offers a wide variety of different treats throughout the year but especially in time for the holiday season, they have some of the most amazing items. If you are looking for something for the Thanksgiving holiday or even Christmas this is where you need to go.

They offer everything from different types of nuts, chocolates, different spreads, and so much more. I’m just going to name a few items I was lucky enough to review from this company. The first product is there freshly baked pumpkin bread I have to say I tried this bread and it’s phenomenal. When cutting it is so moist and very flavorful. I will say once you get these in the mail eat within a week because of all the moisture it can start to mold a little more quickly than other items. This was not an issue in this house we love any type of baked goods. This baked pumpkin bread comes with two Loaves. It retails for $38.75 or you can purchase the eight loaves which are retail for $136.40.

Pumpkin Loaf

The next item we received is there a Georgia Grove pecan pie absolutely delicious. Very fresh and moist in the middle but also very rich. But that’s what I love about pecan pie this one was baked to a perfect consistency. I love the way this was packaged very securely in a box with great packing around it. I would definitely highly recommend checking out this pecan pie this pie retails for $48.95 or you could purchase it in a two-pack for $69.75.

Pecan Pie

The next item I received is this rum crunch cake all I can say is delicious it comes in this beautiful round cake tin that has a custom Sunnyland farms design on the front. This cake is very moist and delicious you could also freeze it and have it ready for Thanksgiving or even Christmas this is definitely something I would love to add to my Thanksgiving menu every year. Four one 2 lbs. 8 oz. round cake retails for $45.90 or you can purchase the case of six rum cakes 15 pounds total for $231.35.

Rum Crunch Cake

And last but not least the last item is three gift tins. You can customize the tins the way you want them. Two of my tins came with the raw mammoth pecan halves. Which are great to eat on your own or you can add them into any recipe that requires pecans. Such as pecan pie. The 12-ounce tin retails for $21.05. The other tin I received is the one with the milk chocolate pecan clusters in the 9-ounce size and it retails for $17.10. These are some of my favorites.

Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters

3 Junior Tower Tins

3 Junior Tins

So if you’re looking for Amazing baked items for Thanksgiving and Christmas make sure to check them out. I would highly recommend them!

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