Smile Brilliant cariPro Dental Probiotics Collaboration


Besides doing this collaboration with smile brilliant I was really excited because I am also a dental assistant part-time. I really wanted to tell you about this product that is made to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Smile brilliant is always committed to providing professional quality oral care products at a price that everyone can afford. They have a lab direct process that makes it easy to achieve professional results and makes the price very affordable. This started way back in 2013 with an at-home whitening system this allows you to create custom-fitting trays and send the impressions off to the lab to have dental whitening trays made.

Just some of the products they have available are their water flosser which cleans your teeth more effectively and comfortably using targeted pressure with the water. They also have custom nightguards that protect teeth at night from grinding and clenching, also one of their other products that I’ve tried is their plaque highlighters this is great for temporary dying areas that show plaque so your child knows where they need to be focusing on for brushing more. And of course their oral probiotics 

It is called smile brilliant cariPro dental probiotics this is a supplement that you take once a day preferably right before you brush your teeth or use mouthwash you chew one tablet and do not rinse afterward. These are also great probiotics for bad breath which I'm sure everyone can use that and benefit from them. 

This helps fight plaque, build-up, and decay. It also helps support good breath and improves gum health. Along with helping build a natural immune defense. I do like that these tablets are something that you can shoe rather than just swallow. It makes me feel that the absorption of the product happens a lot faster than just taking a pill. But this is just my opinion.

Most of us have heard of probiotics for maintaining intestinal gut health but probiotics have actually been shown to be very useful in many areas of the body such as skincare, dental probiotics in particular like other types of probiotics they shift the balance of the existing “good bacteria” composition toward an increasing population of good bacteria improving the overall health. And covid immune support, not to mention who wouldn't want to care for themselves. 

There are three different packages you can choose from you can get a three-month supply which is 90 days for $59.00. Which normally costs $80.00. A two-month supply for $39.00 normally costs $53.00. This is a 60 day supply. Or you could choose the one-month option which retails for $24.00. Which normally costs you $33.00. The most popular package is the three-month supply for $59.00.

Believe it or not, these can also help with flu immune support as well. And we all know in this day and age we need everything we can get to keep us healthy.

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