Parragon Books Ambassador October Review Disney COCO Theme

I received these items through Parragon Books all opinions are my own. 

COCO in Theaters November 22, 2017

I am so excited to tell you about the Books we received that the kids are absolutely adoring it's from the up-and-coming movie Coco in theaters November 22. I am going to go through and explain every book in detail.

The first book is Disney's Pixar Coco mosaic sticker by numbers this book has over 1000 stickers and is a paper bag book that retails for $7.58. The kids are absolutely loving the sticker book they have gone through and put the stickers to build their own scenes. There is an actual place in the book where the kids can put their stickers so they don't end up in other places.

They have sugar skulls in this book that my daughter has been loving and on top of that, you can decorate them the way you want. We can't wait for this movie to come out is going to be the cutest movie out there.

The next book we received was the Disney Pixar Coco always remember book this book comes with four crayons that you can use to color the pictures inside the book all the paper inside is black and white. There are so many pictures throughout the book that the kids absolutely love everything from pictures of different skulls, skeletons, roses, and so much more. The kids have really been enjoying sitting down coloring in this book I think the black background makes the picture stand out more. My favorite picture in the book and the kids will have to agree is the picture of the two skeletons pointing at each other and the heading says dance to your own beat. There are so many different pages to show your own personality and the way you decorate it. This book retails for $5.99.

The next book we received was Disney's Pixar Coco sing your song right songs, share memories, draw your dreams, and so much more. This book also has press out sugar skulls that you can wear around your face like a mask. I really love this book it is kind of like a journal you go through anything right and different things down for the different games there are and this is good for my older daughter to kinda get her writing down her feelings. There are different areas throughout the book where she could also draw pictures. She's been really loving this book and it's getting them excited about the movie that comes out in theaters this month. This book is a paperback and retails for $7.58. One thing that is really great they have in this book is a family tree so you can put a picture of you on the tree and then add pictures of your family within the book.

The next book we received was the Disney Pixar Coco over 50 stickers friends forever coloring, activities, sticker book. When it comes to sticker books the kids always love these. This book has a variety of stickers everything from music notes, sugar skulls, and flowers, The stickers are labeled by the pages where you can use them create your own scene. There are so many pages the kids have colored different scenes throughout the movie are incorporated in the spark so the first half is just a sticker section where you can add stickers to make your own scenes and you can do different things to them. And the second half is the coloring section which has different scenes from the movie. This book is a paperback book and retails for $4.99.

And last but not least is Olaf frozen adventure little snowman, big adventures this book comes with over 30 stickers perfect for the holiday season it also comes with a four-count of crayons this book has different scenes throughout the book of frozen it also comes with different stories on each page which the kids love reading as their coloring there is different puzzles throughout the book too. One family favorite is the puzzles in here you are given different words out of tradition. Like I said this would be perfect for the holidays may be a Christmas Eve box if you have children that are a fan of frozen they are going to absolutely love this book this book retails for $4.99 and it is a paperback.

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