Holiday Gift Guide TownleyGirl Night Before Christmas Giveaway

So excited in telling you about this collection from The Night Before Christmas by TownleyGirl these are some really cool items and the perfect stocking stuffers. We received the nightmare mood changing lip balm with an extra bonus bag. The flavors inside are yellow bubble gum, warm red cherry, and purple grape and with this bonus bag, you can carry them all together with you. Next is The Nightmare Before Christmas pack of lip glosses with a coffin carrying case it has glittery lipgloss and the flavors include a rose raspberry, green watermelon, purple grape, and magenta bubblegum.

The next thing was jack the skeleton flavored lip balm in vanilla flavor and the Sally one is grape flavored. These lip balms smell and taste amazing. What a great stocking stuffer for Christmas make sure to check them out. 

They have stuff on the site for boys and girls so this would be great for stocking stuffers check them out and don't miss all the great things.

Townley Girl Night Before Christmas