Compact portable charger 10000mah Campaign

Disclaimer: I received these items in exchange for my honest review. Id only recommend products that I personally love and would use.

Really excited about this portable charger you can use anytime your battery is low. It's very compact to carry around everywhere. Have this where ever you go if you're stuck and your battery is low. I would always recommend charging it up whenever you know you're going somewhere say for instance you're taking a lot of pictures and it's going to run down your battery.

This is great as a holiday gift to give to someone you love it'll actually help them if they are stranded somewhere and don't have enough battery to call people to come and help. This will help them out a lot. This charger has a 10,000 mAh, has one micro USB charging cable, one caring pouch, and the user guide.

I really wanted to try this because I am one who always is stuck with a low battery and love taking photos where ever we go and my phone battery is always running low.

My first impression of this charger was that it was a little heavier than normal chargers but of course it's a little on the heavy side but for me, I'm ok with that.

It has an LCD battery indicator, safe high-density battery. Widely used, two inputs and two outputs. 

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