Ready for Back to School with Parragon Books August

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I absolutely love Parragon Books and this month is no exception. I want to tell you about a few books that we received in our monthly box of August.

The first book we received is let's learn second grade this is a great book for kids to work on during the summertime especially if they are going into second grade. We got this month and the kids already started school but I'm going to save this book for my son because next year he will be in second grade so this is a perfect book to work on during the summer. It will get him prepared for the following year to come and I really believe this will help.

A little about the book. This book is called the Learnalots booklet for second grade you learn second grade it is a fun interactive workbook for ages 7 to 8 this educational workbook has eight subjects including nature, reading, writing and so much more to build academic skills. It has fun activities that are designed to build confidence in young children and for parents and children to complete together. This book comes with 100 reward stickers so you can give your child infinitive to learn.

This book retails for $12.99 it is also paperback and is available for Amazon prime.

The next book is called 500 questions game book for first graders this is by the same company learnalots. This is a book that is really great and goes through different categories literacy, math, science, music, social skills, nature, creativity, and health. Learn and laugh together with the learning lots in this 500 question game book. This book is filled with educational content, helps strengthen vocabulary, and helps parents and children interact with each other it also has riddles and jokes four hours of fun. I think this book is really great to get kids and parents together for communication. This is very great it gets your children thinking about stuff and even i enjoy it.

This book retails for $5.99 and is also paperback and is available through Amazon prime.

The next Book I'm going to review for you is coding and computers this is a 300 sticker book you get to use for coding and creating your own computer world. This book has activities, puzzles and mazes to keep you plugged into the world of technology have you ever wondered what's inside your computer, or how your app or game is made? This book will help you find the answers. My son is a little old for this but not my daughter she is into science and stuff like that so i know this is right up her alley. 

This book retails for $5.49 it is also paperback and is available through Amazon prime.

The next book I want to tell you about is the Num Noms sweet treats this book has over 1000 stickers, with over 40 scented stickers my daughter is going to love this. Join the Wacky and wonderful Num Noms and this adorable sweet treats activity book guide Bonnie blueberry through the cute cupcake maze, find out which yummylicious Num you are most like, design your very own Num Nom and you can use the sweet treats stickers to complete stacks of more flavor some activities. I really like how this book has over 1000 stickers what kid doesn't love stickers?

This book retails for $12.99 and is also available for Amazon prime and is paperback.

And last but not least this Num Nom's search for cuteness with over 30 sweet-scented stickers. Are you ready to search for cuteness? Take a close look at each jampacked page and spa all the Num Nom friends hiding in this fun search and find a book. Then complete each scent-sational scene. This is such a cute book for a little girl Christmas is coming up and this would be a great idea if you have a child that is a fan of Num Nom's.

This book retails for $4.99 it is also paperback and is available through Amazon prime.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for back to school books this will also be great for Christmas time as stocking stuffers or just regular presents.

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