Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Flip Belt Review

I am really enjoying these Bluetooth headphones with this flip belt. The flip belt that comes with this shrinks down to size but expands for your phone when you need to hold it for running or exercise. These Bluetooth headphones are really nice too it has a hands-free mic, Power on and off, play and pause, comfortable ear tips, volume up, volume down, next and previous. Of course, these headphones are Bluetooth wireless and are great for running, jogging, walking, outdoors listening to the radio, trail running and hiking. Anything you can think of you can use these headphones for.

I love how these headphones are labeled for the left and right ear and you can see that clearly on the headphones. These are even great to wear around the house to listen to audiobooks and great to keep in your purse and pop out to listen to things privately. Even use these when doing yard work they are very lightweight and not heavy at all. 

This belt is great for your keys, wallet, and phone. You can even talk on your cell phone while wearing these Bluetooth headphones all you have to do is touch a button. This would be an awesome gift for the Holidays for maybe someone that runs or is very active or has an active lifestyle. 

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