Blue and Orange Games Doctor Beaker Review

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We are a family that loves to play board games so when we had the opportunity to review Dr. Beaker shake it, stir it, solve it we were really excited to try it out. So if you have a little one who enjoys science experiment they will really enjoy this game. It's like they are like a scientist. This game is recommended for ages eight and up and can have anywhere from 2 to 4 players. The goal of this game is to rearrange the balls in the breakers to match up to the card drawn. 

Now about the game each player takes a beaker and a stirring rod and eight balls two of each color. Drop them into the beaker and make sure one ball is in each outer compartment then you're going to shuffle the cards and place them facedown on the table. The top card from the deck is flipped over all the players have to race to arrange the ball is in their beakers based on the card that was flipped over. To change the order of the balls in the beaker players must use their steering rods players must use the inner compartment to move files from one spot to another.

When a player thinks they have completed the car they shout out eureka when everyone has finished players will score points take the cards based on what position they completed the card. A player wins the game when they have earned 10 cards. We have really been enjoying this game and it's good to take to get together's. This game is great for kids and adults alike. This is definitely a game too and to your family game night.

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