Viviscal Review 6 Month Period

I heard about this product and read about it and saw adds on Tv and wanted to Try. So when the opportunity came along where I was able to try I jumped at the chance. I will be doing this review over a 6 month period. I will post review updates on my 3rd month mark and my 6 month mark. I started Viviscal on February 6th 2012 and will be doing before and after pictures as well.

What is Viviscal you ask?
                     - The health care company lifes2good markets and distributes a wide range of natural health, beauty, and lifestyle products through both direct marketing and retail channels. Products include skincare, thinning hair, pain relief, and weight management. Their products provide natural alternatives for health and beauty and many are supported by scientific studies. 

  So I started out taking 1 pill a day in the morning and at night for a total of 2 pills a day make sure to take with a fully glass of water. Also I have been using the shampoo and scalp cleanser not intended to use all the time but when ever you like this scalp shampoo stimulates and helps bring blood vessels to the scalp to nourish the hair follicle. I started using this just twice a week we will see how it goes. But it is ok to use your regular Shampoo and conditioner. I haven't really noticed any side effects yet one thing I did notice last night was that my head was itching not super bad though it maybe the products working or it may be due to me having dry scalp. I will keep you updated on that. But all in all so far since I just started I can't tell you any results but I can tell you I am so excited to see the out come. 

As being a Mom of 2 a 3 year old little girl and a almost 6 month old baby boy. You can imagine how after you have a baby how much hair you lose. When I was pregnant my hair was long and thick and so beautiful after I had my daughter I wanted a change I cut it super short back in 2009 and it has never looked the same and have been trying to grow it out. Well when I was pregnant with my son I didn't cut my hair the whole pregnancy I had my husband trim it. After  having him I went and had layers put in as you can see from the picture. So these are my before pictures we shall see the result over the next 6 months come follow me and watch my hair grow. "Warning I change my hair color a lot I am a natural Redhead but have Gray's so I'm always looking for something different so If you see next time a different hair color that is why.

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

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