Kimber Cakewear Batter Daddy Review

Do you like to bake then you would love the batter daddy create a single cake with two or more colors or flavors. The batter daddy is adjustable and made to fit cake pans 8" to 14" wide. Works well in 2", 2.5", or even 3"deep pans. It easly fits in beveled sided pans and can be inverted to most square pans. The batter daddy fits most shaped pans round, heart, oval, etc.

This is made from food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe. These retail for $7.99. Here are the steps 1-3

1. Adjust the Batter Daddy to the width of your pan.
2. Pour separate batters into cake pan and remove the Batter Daddy.
3. Bake cakes as normal, then easily ice and decorate one solid cake.

We used these for Jordyn's Birthday for some reason I couldn't get the Badder Daddy to fit in my square pan vertical so I did it at a angle I'm sure it was just me maybe I was putting it in their wrong but I have to say I love these and how great is it to have 2 different flavors.

We did Chocolate and Strawberry and put Chocolate frosting on it. She loved her cakes and it was a big hit with our family. I will be using these in the future for more Birthday Cakes or special occasions. You can do that too these are great for Birthday's, Get Together's, V-Day, Easter really any occasion and everyone will enjoy. I know we do!!

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

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