Me & Marc Review

Me & Marc is a online Etsy site that sells Baby Slings and Miscellaneous baby items. Today I am reviewing a Sling in Cameo this sling is very easy to use as when I got this sling it took a few to learn but now that I know I love it and Jayce loves it. Go check them out here Me & Marc

Me & Marc baby sling is the modern alternative to bulky, awkward baby carriers. Our slings will handle babies weighing 8 lbs up to toddlers (35lbs). All the packs are triple stitched, and reinforced in areas that will carry more weight. Padding provides comfort for the head and legs. Me & Marc slings come as a single layered version with an outside pocket, or a 2 layer/reversible model with a hidden pocket. 

He loves this sling and I love it too cause I can get things done around the house and not having him crying all the time. He is pretty clingy and loves to be close to his mom.

The pocket that comes in the front is very handy for a cell phone or just if their is something you want close to you.

If your looking for some stylish slings and a lot more check them out you will love everything she has.

This product was given to me for review purposes only this is my real opinion on this product.

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