Juppy Review/Giveaway

The Juppy is the new alternative to dangerous wheeled baby walkers that eliminates the stress and strain on the parents back while baby learns to walk. It teaches baby balance and builds confidence, Reduces the chance of injuries and accidents, This is the only baby walker that can fit in your purse. 

Did you know??
Walkers can cause children to: 
1. Roll down stairs causing head injuries or death.
2. Get burned children can reach hot liquids.
3. Drown a child can roll into a pool.  

It is the safest baby walker on the market, Easy for Travel, Saves for your back, Simple and affordable. They are available in 3 great colors Pink, Blue, and Black they also come in their own carrying case and can even customize it with your babies name!!!

The juppy retails for $19.95 and if you want it personalized it only costs $6.95.

This is great right now Jayce is only 6 moths almost 7 and he is not at that age where he is ready to walk yet. But I highly recommend this for around this age for them to get a feel for walking this is super safe and could possibably help babies to walk sooner we put Jayce in this at least once a day just for him to get the feel for it and he loves this product and you will too go check out there site. Come check out there Facebook and Twitter.

And now for the Giveaway 1 Juppy will be given away with a personalization on the walker with a bag follow the Rafflecopter Below on how you can win!!
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