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I had an opportunity to review Pureflix Easter movies this month just in time for Easter some of the movies I choose to watch are obviously the chosen this is a great biblical understanding of stories throughout the Bible. And this is not a movie is actually a series that is on Pureflix. Some of the other shows they have under the Easter category are the passion of Christ, the case for Christ, ashes to glory, behold the man, and they do have shows for younger audiences as well.

Some of there shows are a lion of Judah, pieces of Easter, Jesus he lived among us, and so many more. Get ready just in time for Easter to watch all these different shows that are very humbling and teach you about Jesus. Some of the other ones that I am interested in looking at in the future are the gospel of John, the gospel of Luke, the gospel of mark, and the gospel of Matthew.

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Like I said they have so many other shows to choose from however I have really become content with the chosen it is a series like I said that talks about different stories throughout the Bible and right now they have season one available for you to view. What is great about these shows is that you can share them with friends via social media Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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