Portable Electric Breast Pumps Breast Pump in Style for Newborn


Disclaimer I received this product for free all options are my own!

This portable single breast pump for newborns has low noise and two modes and 9 levels this single brass pump comes with five-piece free storage bags and a milk bottle it has a massage function that can help stimulate the milk without any pain and quickly empty the breast with milk this pump is all liquid silicone this helps avoid the pain of breasts pumping.

This breast pump can fit the breasts in all different directions it can gently massage and have suction without the pain it has high-frequency micro-vibration and improves the efficiency of breast pumping. It also makes breast pumping easy and truly painless. My sister-in-law just had her baby and has been wanting to try this out. You can definitely adjust the massaging mode.

This will stimulate the milk production of the milk and mammary glands. This is great for any new mom out there to take with her to the hospital whenever she has the baby she can rotate between breastfeeding and pumping with a single pump. The color of this pump is a green color which is great because it could go for boys or girls. It retails for around $19.00. It came with quite a few milk bags to store milk in and keep fresh.

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