How to Deal With Toxic People Book Review


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This is something to think about everybody has encountered toxic people in their life and I know for a fact I have encountered these types of people several times. Problem-solving, boundaries, toxic behavior, how to evaluate if you should stick around and wait it out or just give up altogether. There can be effective ways to deal with criticism and how to focus on healthy problem-solving.

Also how to set and hold boundaries to reclaim your life! There are different categories for toxic people such as The Gaslighter, The Guilter, The control freak, and put down artist. Does any of this sound like you? These are the different types of toxic people that can be in your life they can be in any type of setting work, home, church, school, and relationships.

Toxic people can definitely keep you off balance and change your mindset. Negativity is not welcome in your life so try to keep toxic people out of it. I’ve definitely had my experience with these types of people and I have to say distancing yourself away from these types of people will be the best thing to do.

 They can often make you feel like you’re the dysfunctional one when really it is the other person. This is definitely a book I suggest everyone read I guarantee everyone has had some sort of toxic person in their life and that is negative, and just downright now I’m good for you. 

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