Nadine West April Monthly Bag Review

Disclaimer I I am a needy and west ambassador and receive these items in exchange for my honest review. 

This month I received two tops, a skirt, pair of shorts, A silver pair of loop earrings, and then a pair of Dingley earrings as well.

The first item I received is this black kimono that is see-through with yellow flowers on it. It came in a size small however it is really large on me. It is not really my taste or the type of thing I would gravitate toward but it is pretty good just not something I would wear. It retails for $36.49. It is more of a see-through kimono. 

The next item is this camo skirt I received this in a size small and it doesn’t fit on me. I normally wear a size medium in bottoms unless it is Flowey shorts this is super cute I love the design the only thing that bothers me is the size it is very tight and I feel like I cannot move in it. It does retail for $24.99. I think this is an excellent deal for this skirt.

Next is this black Flowey top by Henley it is in a size medium which is great and this type of top I can fluctuate between a size small and medium now this is my taste I like the Flowey aspect of it. And the color black goes with pretty much everything it retails for $24.99. It is definitely worth this price and can be used and worn in a variety of different places.

Next up is a pair of shorts more on the dressier side not so much casual these would be great to wear into the office and pair up with a beautiful blouse. The shorts are really cute however I don’t really see myself wearing these because I don’t really dress up to go to work I wear scrubs. This would be great for anyone that does go into the office though. They retail for $24.99 as well.

And last but not least I did receive two pairs of earrings one pair is silver hoops and the other is almost a bohemian dangling earrings set.both of these sets of earrings are super pretty however the silver hoops are more the style I have received a different type of silver hoop for the past three months which is fine with me I do love hoop earrings the silver hoops retail for $36.99 and the bohemian style earrings retail for $39.99. 

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