Monster Jam 2019 Overview + Review

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Of course, we had so much fun at monster jam again this year. It is always nice when they have it held at the stadium it's just so much bigger and much more space to enjoy it. Of course every year we always attend the pit pass party and the kids absolutely adore it. This year we were able to jump in line for gravedigger we never have been in this line before however, it wasn't actually gravedigger that was driving the truck this day which is ok they were still able to get his signature and a photo with him which they were happy about.

Through this day we actually got quite a few signatures from the drivers it was a beautiful day not too hot and not too cold and very sunny. During the pit pass party, they have vendors everywhere giving out samples and telling them about their company as well as the truck drivers taking pictures and signing autographs. They also have food vendors out so you are able to get a bite to eat. So for the pit party, they usually stay out for about three hours and then the open this a.m. at 5 PM. The show doesn't start till seven however they have it open earlier for people to grab their seats and walk around and get food and beverages if they like.

We pack a lunch/dinner and walk to the car to eat and just kind of hanging out around the car kind of like tailgating and then we head back to the stadium for the show. So beforehand like I said you can get food and beverages or whatever you like before they start. We got a refillable popcorn for around 6 dollars totally worth it. A refillable soda around 7 and beer was priced around $10 at the stadium not sure about other food but it was reasonable.

So then to the show, we had pretty good seats and was able to see pretty much everything in the stadium The kids were super excited and just like they are every year to see all the drivers do they're different challenges and tricks. About halfway through the show, it started raining so we had to step inside the arena building where it made it nice is that they have TVs everywhere so you can see what's going on even when you're inside. The rain was pretty bad and the clay got pretty muddy.

All around we really enjoyed the show and time out with our family it was a great day and we really enjoyed it. And look forward to this time every year. They did some amazing challenges that we all laughed and the kids were super excited for this show.

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