Nadine West February Review

Disclaimer I received these products for free for my honest opinion I would only recommend products that I truly love and would use myself.

I am loving my Nadine West Box for the month of February. So many different and wonderful clothing I am really excited about all the items I received. An off the shoulder gray top, a charcoal Stephanie top, Sheela red top probably one of my favorites, Jamie gray bottoms, Dana/black mocha skirt, earrings Bailey gold, necklace Gwendolyn gold, and bracelet Raiza, and last but not least and Ally gray beanie.

This first item I want to tell you about is the off the shoulder gray top this top in a light heather gray color super cute and comfortable and soft as well. It hangs off the shoulder on both sides it has the opening for the shoulders. It is very lightweight and a long sleeve a perfect piece to transition from winter to spring. I would maybe suggest wearing a light tank top or something underneath. It is pretty thin so you can see the outline of your undergarments. But I am loving this as a transition piece into springtime.

The next top I want to tell you about is the charcoal Stephanie top another great top that is a great transitional piece for springtime. It is a thin material as well as long sleeves. It is very breathable and has a pretty red white and black stripe at the end of the sleeve which adds A bit of color to the top. This top is great to match up with a pair of leggings or a pair of shorts, either way, you can't go wrong. I am absolutely loving it.

Next, I'm gonna tell you about this Sheela Red top this top is more like a light sweater and I have to say this is probably one of my favorite pieces in the bunch for this month. This is going to be perfect for winter transitioning into springtime. I love the sleeves on this top they cover your hand a little bit which is the style I like it fits perfect and is absolutely comfortable. I love the three gold buttons at the end of the sleeves it just adds something to the top. This top retails for $30.49 and is absolutely worth every penny.

The next item of clothing is the Jamie Gray bottoms these bottoms are super comfortable and flowy. These bottoms are perfect to wear at night or you could wear them casually during the day with a cute top. I love how they are so versatile and you go out or just be at home just lounging around or going out for the day. I am loving the gray color it is not a boring gray color it has texture to it. There are Jamie bottoms retail for $18.99.

Another fun piece I received is the Dana black and mocha skirt this skirt is super cute it has mocha and black stripes across. The length is about knee length this skirt is perfect for springtime I can't wait to wear it during this time of year. You can wear this dressing up really fancy or wear it casually with some Converse. The skirt retails for $12.99 and super comfortable and lightweight.

I also received this beautiful chain bracelet the chain links are a little oversized which makes this bracelet unique it is very lightweight and it feels amazing. It is in a gold town finish.

The next piece I received is this gold finishing necklace with it is sort of like a crystal stone in a case inside a gold charm finish I really like this necklace because it is unique and I have really never seen anything like it it will stand out as a conversational piece.

And one of my favorite things I received is this heather gray Ally beanie this is a super cute hat and perfect for the transition from winter to springtime it keeps my head and really warm and is made from pretty thick material. This is no cheap beanie it is very stylish and can be worn if you are dressed up or dressed down regardless and it pretty much goes with any outfit because of it being a neutral color. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend checking it out.

And the last item is these beautiful gold pearl dangling earrings I am absolutely loving these earrings again this is another piece that is unique I've never really seen before it is a gold finish with a pearl at the end and they are just really beautiful and I am really loving them.

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