Zombies Out now April 24th on Dvd Review

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I am really excited to tell you Zombies is out on Dvd now and my kids are so excited. Of course, we are watching this on Disney channel but it won't be on there forever and my kids can watch this over and over again. 

Addison is a girl that wants to become one of the cheerleaders in her high school but she's different than all the other girls. From the beginning, she was determined to try out for the team and make it.


On the first day of school, they are having cheer tryouts and this is also the first year zombies will be at their school and Addison meets a Zombie named Zed and he is determined to make the football team. They both set out for goals and they both accomplish that. I love the story and the message behind this Disney movie. No matter what always be yourself never change or cover up who you are.

Always stick up for what you believe in even if you think people are going to think your different don't worry about that. Be yourself in everything you do.

I love how this is a love story and musical in one. There is a lot of singing and dancing in the movie that I really enjoy. The kids really enjoy this movie but besides them, parents will love it too. 

Check out Zombies out on Dvd today!!!

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