Summer Essentials Guide Submissions

It's that time year again it's time to get all your summer gear together and hit the pools and beaches. I am doing my annual summer essentials guide and wanted to give my readers different ideas for things that can be done during the summer. You know you always do the same old stuff why not change it up.

Now I Will be taking submissions for a variety of different items geared toward summer. Items such as

*Pool toys "water guns, floats, sunglasses, And so on.
*Beach items "Beach towels, Sunscreen, Coolers, Insulated cups, And so on.
*Barbecue accessories
*Outside toys
*Water Slides
*Basically anything summer related

If you feel you're a company fits these requirements please contact me if you would like to promote for the summer. Get on the list now before it fills up. I will be posting throughout the summer so be on the lookout for your company.

This is something I do every year and can't wait to see all the companies that I will be promoting. Get your request in now. If you have questions or need to contact me please send emails to or contact me on my social media!!

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