Word Rush by Tactic Games USA Review

I can't wait to tell you about how much I love this word rush game by tactic games. If you know are family then you know we love playing board games we usually have a night dedicated to it on the weekend. It just all depends on the kids normally we do it on Saturdays and leave Friday for movie nights because the kids tend to fall asleep early on Friday. This game retails for $19.99 

The object of the game is to think of the word before the time runs out it is a very fast game and you have to be quick thinking. All you do is place nine letter cards on the game board and you turn over the category card and set the timer. You have to think fast do you think of words that start with the letter and match the category before the sand timer is flipped.

You flip the timer with every new word and you will need to hurry up before time runs out or you can make the next player have less time the game gets more intense when the sand timer is flipped. This is a great game to play at home with the kids just don't take it too seriously. But this would be better to take and play with your adult friends it will keep you on your toes.

This would be the perfect party game no matter if you're taking it to a birthday party or just a friends or family get together. This game will keep you going.

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