Oriental Trading Unicorn Birthday Party Theme Review

It never is a disappointment when it comes to Oriental trading they have so many items to choose from whether you're celebrating a birthday, holidays, or maybe you are interested in picking up things such as crafts whatever the case may be they will have what you need for every occasion. 

We received all kinds of items for my daughter's unicorn party. To start out with we picked out quite a few things in the Unicorn Sparkle line some of the items we received are Unicorn Sparkle centerpieces we chose to put these in the middle of the table for the party. 

We received the Unicorn Sparkle dessert plates and the Unicorn Sparkle dinner plates these are super cute and go great along with this theme. The next item we chose was the Unicorn Sparkle hanging swirls these were absolutely beautiful. 

 I was really excited to pick out this Unicorn Sparkle pendant banner retails for $4.99 it was really beautiful and colorful and adds that perfect touch to the party. We also chose some Unicorn Sparkle luncheon napkins these napkins retail for $2.79 and are made really well and perfect for this party theme.

We picked out some Unicorn Sparkle invitations that retail for $3.99 we got a three pack of these they come in packs of eight to invite the kids from her class. Everyone was so excited to see these invitations they are super cute and perfect for this theme.

We also received two Unicorn Sparkle Plastic Tablecloths these retail for $3.99 these tablecloths are made very well and hold up tremendously I love the design of this tablecloth and the colors go very well with this theme. I also picked out the Unicorn Sparkle treat bags that retail for $2.99 the kids use these bags to collect their candy in from the unicorn punch.

Some other things we received were Gold laser cut cupcake wrappers these are to put around the cupcakes for different options you can choose different colors they also come in pink, purple, silver, and white.

I picked out a few tablecloth to go along with the unicorn sparkle ones I chose this pretty mint color tablecloth and also this gold one. These tablecloths also are made really well and go great with this theme. 

I also chose these unicorn suckers that retail for $4.99. I had this on the side for the kids whoever wanted one I didn't necessarily put these in bags for prizes but had I'm just sitting out on the table because I didn't have enough they come in a pack of 12.

And last but not least I had these gold strip foiled straws out for whoever wanted to use them they are made really well and great for parties they come in a lot of different varieties.

This was the best party ever my daughter really enjoyed it. And I give a lot of credit to Oriental Trading these items made the party what it was and super grateful to be able to review these for my audience. If you're looking for unicorn sparkle decoration make sure to check out oriental trading even if you're not they have everything you need for parties and get-togethers.

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