How to Solve the Problem of Puppies Crying!

How to Solve the Problem of Puppies Crying

Before you get a puppy, you only think of the cute face and how you’ll take it for long walks in the park. And then it arrives. And you realize you have to deal with more than cuteness:
-          Crying
-          Teaching it to go outside
-          Obedience training

Some pet owners find the discovery quite disheartening. But it’s mostly because of a lack of understanding and a feeling of losing control.

So let’s put you back in control with a few tips on dealing with puppies crying.

Why do Puppies Cry?

You lie in bed and hear the sound from outside or the next room & you instantly feel frustrated. You don’t even know why it’s crying, so how can you put a stop to it?

Here is a checklist to help you make sense of it all. Puppies cry because:
-          They feel lonely
-          They may be sick
-          They’re afraid
-          They are hungry
-          They want to play and have your attention
-          They’re bored

Part of your frustration may be fueled by guilt. If your puppy cries for food or warmth, it’s valid and should be tended to. But if you know you’ve provided food, warmth and shelter, you already know you have no reason to feel guilty.

And what are the circumstances of him or her crying?

If it feels bored during the day, you can solve it with play time or a toy. If the crying happens at night, you shouldn’t oblige. If you respond to this request it will think it can play anytime. But night time is made for sleeping and you need to teach your dog that.

So let’s deal with the other aspects you have less control over.

Understand a Puppy’s Mind

You can’t control your puppy’s mind, but you can teach it new habits and boundaries over time.

A puppy getting used to a new home will feel disoriented. Whether you place it in your room or somewhere else in the house, it’s still new and unfamiliar. If it was part of a litter, suddenly being without them, will be a shock it has to work through.

But they will. They need to learn their new environment is favorable to them.

Crying is its way of communicating feeling afraid or lonely. But when you respond to each whimper, you’re reinforcing the problem, not helping to put a stop to it.

Can You Ignore the Crying?

Knowing why your puppies’ crying escalates, doesn’t mean you have to tend to all their whims.

Part of being a dog owner is taking up the responsibility to train your dog to be the best it can be. I know, it sounds like raising a child and I didn’t believe it until I had to do it myself.

Unfortunately, I coddled my first puppy too much. Today she knows she can come crying when she wants something and there is a good chance I will concede. I can try and change her habits, but I can’t be mad at her. I helped create the habit when she was young.

What I should have done was teach her that crying won’t lead to what she wants. Not responding each time she whined at night would have shown her it’s not that bad sleeping alone. She would have gotten used to it.

But it’s hard to ignore it right? Can you?

Give Them What They Need, not Want

Your puppy is happiest when it’s around you. But you can teach it that it’s okay to be alone as well. This is why you need to ignore crying at times.

You also don’t want your puppy taking chances and crying for any little thing. It will make your days more difficult and your dog will be too dependent on you.

Ignore crying—at night and even during the daytime—so your dog is its happy self whether you’re there or not.

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