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I have been sick for the past week. It started last Sunday and my dad was the first one to catch it, Followed by the rest of us except for my daughter she is the only one that didn't catch this flu. Now everybody got their flu shots except for my husband and me. And of course, the saying is true even if you do you get the flu shot that still doesn't mean we won't catch the flu. It just means you won't get it as bad. So even though I didn't get my flu shot when my dad went into the hospital I thought it would be a good idea to get it. Even though I was getting it super late it didn't mean that I wasn't going to catch it. The nurse actually told me it won't get into my system for a few weeks. But now was a better time than any to get it. And of course three days later I came down with it myself.

It started out with a 102.7 fever in the middle of the night and aching all over. That's when I knew it was time to go to the doctor. I checked my son's temperature and he had one that morning as well, so we both made a trip. I took this pretty seriously, and felt we had to see a doctor, since all of us were sick. We were prescribed Tamiflu and after a few days, I started to feel better, but they say to follow up with your doctor after you finish your medicine and start feeling better.

Online Doctor Visits are Key when you can't leave the House!

Online Doctor Visits are Key when you can't leave the House - Use code MOM47 for $15 off your own visit! 

With that in mind for my follow-up visit, I decided to check out Amwell. They offer video medical care visits. I had never considered trying something like this before. It actually saved me going out and having to drive to my appointment. With Amwell you get to see a doctor face to face. It's like you're really in the doctor's office. So, let's talk about how my visit went.

I created an account using my email and a password. After that, you go through and answer a few questions such as your name, birthday, health history, the medication you're taking, and so on. One of the features I really like is that the health information you have stored on your Apple phone, in the health app, can be pulled up through Amwell. So, when you're connected and logged in, you can go through a list of doctors that will show you if they're online.  I also l like that when you click on the profile of the doctor it will give you a little bit of information about them, such as how long they've been practicing for, where they went to school and other great info. Next, you pick exactly what type of doctor you want. They have everything from medical, to children's care, adolescent therapy, therapy, diet and nutrition and so much more. 

I was able to choose a family physician named Dr. Daniel Rivas. I wanted to ask him a few questions about how I've been feeling since having the flu. Now I do have a regular appointment with my doctor, but not until March 6th. So, I wanted to speak to this doctor about the symptoms I'm still having and if he thought it was OK to wait until my appointment with my regular doctor to follow up. I still have a really bad cough and feel weak at times. We spoke about the flu and he said that the Type A, which is what I had, is worse than a Type B. He assured me that it is normal to feel the way I am feeling and it's just going to take a little bit of time to get back to normal. We also discussed the possibility of getting pneumonia right after the flu and the signs that I should look out for such as high temperature, pain in the chest and dehydration. He said if I'm not experiencing any of them I should be fine until my next appointment. That is such a relief that I don't have to run out and make any more appointments. I can just keep the one I have and be checked out then.

I also wanted to note that this appointment was super fast and quick. It definitely beats going into a doctor's office and sitting and waiting for 45 minutes to an hour before you are seen. I waited less than five minutes for this doctor. And it tells you how many people are in front of you. I really like that they have the option to see a doctor face-to-face on your phone or computer rather than having to go to a doctor's office and wait for long periods of time. I would choose this over that any day. And that appointment wait time was really fast compared to a regular office. If you need to see a doctor right away make sure to check out Amwell before running off to a doctor's office where you can wait hours at a time. 

Amwell also takes most insurance, however, if they don't take your insurance it's still super affordable to see a doctor asap. And if you have my $15 off coupon that will help as well. They are also able to call in prescriptions for you at your local pharmacy. I didn't use this option, but find it really cool!

Since I've had such a great experience with Amwell I wanted to share the love and share a $15 off coupon code to use for your first visit with Amwell. The code is MOM47 and good for any visit to Amwell for you or your child. Remember, you can use your computer or phone. They have doctors available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you can have access to those doctors right at your fingertips! 

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