Strawberry Shortcake Berry Hi-Tech Fashion Review

So excited  to tell you about strawberry shortcake Berry Hi- Tech Fashion this is a very cute movie for a little girls out there who loves strawberry shortcake this DVD runs approximately 66 minutes and has different short stories throughout the dvd Strawberries friends Lemon and Raspberry enter a contest with some exciting fashion. But the girls need some help so they hired twin sisters named sweet and sour to run the café. And of course the sisters don't get along and strawberries cousin apple dumpling comes to visit.

I love in this Didi there are some lessons to learn it shows how to work together, friendship, and helping each other and trying to get along with everyone. There is no rating on this DVD and is made for children by 20th Century Fox. Is family improved and would be a great DVD to watch with your children on a family movie night.

My little niece sat down and watched this DVD with the kids and of course my daughter is a huge strawberry shortcake fan and of course, I had to sit down and watch it with them too I loved strawberry shortcake growing up and to this day I still love watching strawberry shortcake cake. So it is a treat for mommy also. I love how colorful everything is in this DVDs.

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  1. I didn't realize they made updated versions of them. This looks cute!