Disney's Moana Screening Review

I was supplied tickets to review a movie 

I was really excited to see Moana and so was the little ones. We actually took just my son and he loved it. A little girl named Moana growing up she would always be near the water and want to be in and near it all the time. But her Dad warned her to stay away and there was danger there and to not go past the that certain point and not go past the uncharted waters. Ever since she was a toddler she had a connection with the water and it was very known.

As she grew older she became more and more curious about the water and why she felt so drawn to it. Some of the characters in the movie besides Moana and her Dad, Demi God, a crazy but funny chicken, and a half crazy grandmother. She was on a misson to find the demigod named Maui who is played by Dwayne Johnson.

It is very important for Maui to return the gem to it's mythic home so she can save her land. She is on a quest to discover her identity. We saw this in 3D and I have to say it was pretty amazing we sat really close and it felt like it was real. My son sat through the whole movie and was captivated by all the colors and basically everything about it. I don't want to give to much of the story away and ruin it. But I tell you what this is a must see movie and your children will love it.


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