Mop And Broom Holder- BLOG POST Review

So excited to tell you about this mop and broom holder an easier way to hold your mops and brooms and dust pans. Do you need to have your mops and brooms out-of-the-way? I know for us we don't have a particular spot we keep these mops or brooms we basically just keep them outside in the garage in a bucket. But now that we have this broom and mop holder it will be so much easier to organize now.

This broom holder can hold up to five items which can be my mop, broom, and so much more. But has 13 hanging slots. This is all so ideal if you hang it at kids reach they can help with the chores too. You can also hang garden tools and dusters on this to too. 
I know for me we have mops and brooms everywhere so this is perfect to keep organized. Very easy to put away all you do is hang it up in the mop or broom slot and there you go the work is done for you. 

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