Scream-A-Geddon Review + Overview

I received complimentary tickets for my review. All opinions are my own.  

I am so excited to tell you about our night at Scream-A-Geddon it was so much fun and I absolutely loved our time there. This was my first year here but I was super excited and curious to what it was all about. I am the type of person that loves to be scared and this attraction did just that not really scared but the thought of being scared that makes me excited. So it was pretty easy to give them our tickets and get it in. However, it was a little difficult to get really good pictures. But I tried my best we did all of the attractions available which includes 6 of them Blackpool prison, cursed hayride, infected, deadwood, Bedlam 3d, and the monster midway which has food games and beer.

These attractions are pretty neat black pool prison is basically a walk-through prison where people are coming at you and pop up when you're not expecting it this was the first ones we did. I liked it and it was pretty cool. The next one was cursed hayride this one was actually one of my favorites. A bunch of people get in this tractor trailer that pull a bunch of people. During the ride, there are things that pop up on the side of you and in front of you they even had someone hanging on a zip line with a chainsaw and wrapped around the tree it was pretty cool.

Infected was a pretty good house basically people are in the house and they're in there taking other people hostage and trying to get them infected also. Deadwood is pretty good to you basically you go through a wooded area where there are little houses as you go through and you're outside and things pop out in front of you. 

Now my favorite had to be BedLam 3D this was the 3-D house of clowns and this one had to be the funniest one I've been in everything with 3-D you had to wear glasses going and you went through tunnels and there were different mazes to go through and I got trapped by a clown I loved it. I love going to things like this attraction to be scared not really scary clowns but just for something to trap me in anticipation of what's going to happen makes me excited.

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  1. This looks like lots of fun! I don't know that I'd like to be around a 3D house of clowns though.