Who Gets the Dog Review

This movie who gets the dog is such a cute movie it is about a guy and a girl that we're married and now separated and are basically fighting over who gets the dog. "Alicia Silverstone"plays Olive a doctor that wants to start a family but her husband has other dreams. Which leads them on the verge of divorce and fighting who will get the dog her husband Clay "Ryan Kwanten" they both go to court to try to figure out things kind of funny fighting over a dog. It may sound funny but this kind of thing happens because we treat our pets as though they are our children.

In the movie, you can tell both Olive and Clay really loves Wesley their dog and will do whatever it takes to get their dog for them self. The kids really Love to sitting down and watching this movie. They were really interested in the dog and seeing everything he can get into this is a good family movie to watch with your children they really enjoyed it. It was kind of predictable what was gonna happen in the end but was still a great and enjoyable movie. 

This film is not rated but it did you have no sex, drugs, or nudity. It was actually really good to see Alicia Silverstone back in the movies again it's been a while. 

I would highly suggest this movie as a good family friendly movie younger children might not understand everything but that's ok still a very cute movie!!

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