Christmas Gift Guide Ideas Ninja Coffee Bar Review

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To get started I want to say thank you to Ninja for supplying this product. If this is your first time checking out my Christmas gift guide welcome I have been doing this for almost 6 years now and this is one of my more popular guides that I have. Basically from this point on throughout October all the way up until Christmas Day I will be featuring products that are great for Christmas. And giving you great ideas for your loved ones. So sit down and grab a cuppa coffee and enjoy the upcoming Christmas posts you won't want to miss out.

So I want to start off by telling you how amazing this ninja coffee bar is I have been using it nonstop since I got it. I want to tell you everything that comes with the ninja coffee bar first a milk frother, ninja coffee pot, ninja travel mug, coffee maker, plastic straw for a travel mug, a cookbook that has 100 coffee recipes, brew basket and measuring spoon, and carafe.

There are so many specialty drinks you can make the options are endless. I have to tell you this is one of the best coffee makers I have ever owned it's amazing.

What better way to celebrate Fall time and Christmas but with the Ninja Coffee Bar I can't think of anything better. Family and Friends will be from out of town visiting and what better way than with a nice cup of coffee and everyone like their's different right? Well with this Ninja everyone can have their own personalized cup. I know some people like it black and some like a lot of sweetness. For me I love mine to be sweet. One of my favorites is the iced macchiato's.

I have been experimenting with several different types of drinks like hot regular brewed coffee, regular iced macchiato's and caramel ones, and now that Fall is here I have done the pumpkin flavor ones too. Can you say amazing? I've also done just regular iced vanilla coffee "My fav" .

Even with it being Fall time I can still enjoy iced coffee where we live because it's so hot here but I do love a good cup of hot coffee too. 

You can use its built-in filter or you can buy filters for the ninja but for me personally I really like this option and that you can choose. It also has a drip stop so when your coffee is done you can switch it on and then your coffee won't drip all over the place.

I didn't know this brewer was going to be so easy and it's that and some. This is going to save a lot of time and money in the end. And if you're looking for something similar maybe for that special someone for Christmas or just a special gift look no further. 

To learn more check them out here Ninja and make sure to check them out on all social media!!

The ninja coffee bar retails for around $169.00

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