Snazaroo Step by Step Face Paint Photo Tutorial+Review

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It's that time of year again and it's time to think about Halloween coming up and with that being said for Halloween it's time to get that face paint out and start thinking about what we want to be for Halloween. So today we are using the Snazaroo Face Paint to do a step by step tutorial on what we call a crazy clown and to top it off we tried to be unique and use are favorite college team colors. So first we started with the eyes and did them a blue and orange color for our crazy clown. Then we went on to paint her face all white and get that covered up. Then we added the heart on the cheek. She loved this so much below is step by step photos to follow us along.

She is so excited!! As you can tell my daughter was super excited to this crazy clown girl look. She is super excited to do this look for Halloween awesome she is going to be a combination of two things. I am excited to let you know that all this face paint is non-toxic which is amazing in my book because who wants to put toxic chemicals on their kids?? Paint a Smile this Halloween like we did for ours to enhance your child's costume. 

So as we are finishing up the eyes next we're going to be moving to the face we are going to paint her face and all over white color to help bring out the clown face.

Later on in this post I will have my son also painting his face as a crazy clown you will see that part coming up and he was so excited so onto the rest of this photo by photo tutorial next we are going to start with the white face paint after that we are going to add a little black heart on the cheek.

Next, we did my son he wanted to be the crazy clown. So what we started off first doing is painting around his eyes with green. We made sure we got around the eyes really well because for the crazy clown that's what we wanted to do. The next step after we did the green around the eyes we painted the whole face with white.

Then after that. One of the final steps we did was paint his lips bright red like the crazy clown after that we added a J to the cheek area and then we were done. Pretty simple but yet the kids absolutely loved doing this the paint is really good quality and I really like the white that we used all over the face.

I love the quality of this makeup it's pretty much amazing and dries super fast. I would highly recommend it.

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