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Being a mother, it feels like those times where everything is little too agglomerated and out of control. When it comes to our kids, they are so closely connected to the world of internet and social media that their alienation from digital devices seems like a rarity. As a parent, I the excessive screen time of my children always worries me, and I know that I am not the only one who is going through this enigma, i.e. how to limit our kids’ access to their personal devices? Just recently, I got my hands onto a mobile monitoring application, and after having some serious success with controlling screen time on my daughter’s iPad, I have finally decided to give it a detailed review for my readers.

So here it is my review of XNSPY smartphone monitoring app.

XNSPY—Why Pick It When We Have Built-In Parental Controls?
My first response when I looked at this smartphone monitoring app was: “I am not tech-savvy but I do know that my child’s iPad has parental controls, so what’s the purpose of xnspy?”. I had been using the built-in iOS parental controls already and its limitations were eminent to me. There isn’t much that I can restrict on my child’s iPad without accessing it. If I have blocked certain apps’ access on the iPad, I wouldn’t be able to revert the settings, unless, my child hands over their device to me.

This isn’t actually very great. What if I want to monitor my children’s device when I am not around them? What if there are some working mothers who want to keep tabs on their kids’ screen time from their office? Xnspy is a mobile monitoring app that you can be used from anywhere to control, manage and monitor activity off your kids’ iPhones and iPads.

But there is more actually.

Mobile Monitoring Application That Requires No Access
Not just this app provides you a remote access (that makes it better than built-in apps), it’s also different in terms of the installation. When I checked online for other monitoring apps, what I noticed was that they all require a physical access to your children’s device for manual download and installation of the app, but in the case of XNSPY, there is no such precondition.

To use XNSPY, I don’t need to have a physical access to my child’s device; instead, I only need their iCloud credentials. After subscribing to XnSpy, I was given access to my personal online control panel where I added my daughter’s iPad and tested the app.

I am super happy with monitoring capabilities of this app, I must say. It doesn’t require any download, installation, or even access to my child’s iPad, not even for once. So let’s take a look at what you can monitor and manage on your kids’ iOS devices using this app.

Parents who are already tired of their teens and tweens obsession with cell phones should know that it’s possible to fully take control of your kids’ online activity to determine what they can, or cannot, access. As a parent, I wouldn’t want my child to have unsolicited exposure to pornography, strangers, bullies, and child predators, but if I am not monitoring or controlling what my kids can do on their devices, there is no way I can protect them. With XnSpy, however, I can achieve that much-required control of my daughter’s iPad, because this mobile monitoring application gives me access to her:

·         Call logs (incoming, outgoing, missed)
·         Emails
·         Text messages
·         Instant messages from WhatsApp, iMessage, Instagram, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, and Skype.
·         Phonebook entries
·         GPS location history.
Final World On XNSPY

This mobile monitoring application is a real parenting savior. Parents who don’t really care much about their kids’ online actions should realize how brutal social media and internet is for their kids. Screen time isn’t just bad, but the screen glow emanating from the digital devices can also disturb your kids’ sleep, grades, social life and literally everything else; after all, their cell phone and iPads encapsulate their whole world.

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