Nuby Hot Safe Feeding Spoons Review

These spoons are amazing the Hot Safe Feeding Spoons they tell you when food is to hot for your little one. I wish I had something like this when my kids were younger it always seems to work like that they are always coming up with something new. These are great to just throw in a bag and into the diaper bag they go. Really nice for picnic's or just to have one in your bags at all times. 

Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons
  • 0 months +
  • Fun bright colors
  • Sure-Temp™ Sensor changes color when baby’s food is too hot (approx 110 F/ 43C)
  • Easy grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold during feeding
  • Long handle is designed to reach the bottom of taller baby jars
  • Perfect for baby’s first foods

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  1. I am so jelly! Are you a Nuby ambassador? I love everything Nuby. These spoons are on my sister in law's baby registry. I am the one in charge of that so Nuby is definitely in there :D