Fiji Mana Virgin Coconut Oil, 500 ml Review

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I am so excited to tell you about Fiji Mana Virgin Coconut Oil I am a huge fan of coconut oil anyway and this one from fiji mana I use coconut oil for so many things not just for cooking but I use it in my hair, face to take my makeup off, oil pulling. This will come to great use and be used quick. 

Our natural and unrefined virgin coconut oil is 100% pure and is fantastic for skin and hair. Made using high quality, non-GMO coconuts that are wild-harvested in the beautiful Fiji Islands, our virgin coconut oil complies with all APCC (Asia Pacific Coconut Community) standards. 

Our single origin virgin coconut oil is produced using the perfect balance of modern technology and traditional techniques which results in an exceptionally high quality product. Fiji Mana Virgin coconut oil is cold pressed by hand in small batches, and every coconut that goes into our product is processed within 2 hours of being split open; this commitment to quality and to doing things the right way ensures that our virgin coconut oil retains as many of the coconut’s natural health benefits as possible.

While there is almost nothing that coconuts can’t do, our natural virgin coconut oil is best suited to use on skin and hair. Fiji Mana Virgin Coconut Oil is an ideal skin and hair moisturizer. Its unique molecular structure allows it to be quickly absorbed by the body, and its nourishing properties even help to protect skin and hair from future 

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