Live Infinitely Forever Cool Cooling Towel

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I am loving this Forever Cooling Towel when I first took it out of the package I was amazed at how it felt. I never have felt anything like this and being in Florida I definitly need this to keep me cool all the time. Believe it or not all year round. If you are into sports or really anything outdoors you need this cooling towel. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to cut your workout short or sit on the bench during a game to recover?
What if you found the answer to instantly cool your body down and wick away sweat effortlessly?
Introducing the Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel- an innovative new product developed by Live Infinitely. 
- Our Yoga towel instantly lowers the temperature of your skin. Quickly feel the dramatic difference as it cools you off. Soon it will be the only thing you reach for when needing to cool down, help with those pesky migraines, when doing yard work or just about anything in between. 

- When wet the sports towel's advanced cooling fabric activates and cools to around 30° below average body temperature and stays that way for up to 4 hours. 

- Easily carry or store cooling towel in it's own special, convenient and hygienic plastic container. Perfect yoga towel for all body types! 

- Anti-bacterial treatment to reduce odors/prevent molding-environmental-friendly PVA material and 100% non-toxic. 

- Highly absorbent fabric absorbs water and wicks away sweat leaving you a refreshing and cooling feeling.

The Forever Cool cooling towel is built to cool your body during rigorous sporting activities, in times of intense heat or for simply chilling out. Increase your performance and last longer with this flexible and durable towel. Perfect use as a Golf Towel, Yoga Towel, Workout Towel, Fitness Towel, Exercise Towel, Travel Towel or Everyday Towel.
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  1. Maybe I've been under a rock, but this is the first I've ever heard of anything like this, and I love it!! It would be a great gift, too!