Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter Review

It kind of goes with the territory where we live but we have bugs really bad here in Florida and the one that drive me crazy are them mosquitoes. They are a pain so anytime I am outside I take my Swatter with me and they are gone instantly. I would highly recommend taking this product with you if you go on long walks or whatever the case may be even if their are other bugs out there that are bothering you it's easy to get rid of them. The Swatter works and I would suggest it to any of my friends. Please keep away from children they may think it's a toy and this can be dangerous to them.


Keep your home, yard and campsite free of annoying and unsanitary insects with this extra large, extra powerful electric bug zapper. Tiny gnats to giant roaches ... flying, crawling or creeping ... if you swat them, you got them.
Kills Bugs on Contact
Push the button in the handle as you swing, and the strings will be "juiced" with a current that stops bugs instantly. And every hit is a can't-miss, because there are no inactive screens between the insect and the zapping strings, which could allow the insect to escape. When you've finished zapping, release the button and it will turn off immediately. An LED warning light tells you when the strings are electrified.
10.5" x 8" Zapping Surface 
Just like a tennis player with a bigger racket head, you'll score more "aces" with this swatter's 84 square inches of swatting surface, than with the 56 square inches of standard models. The handle is about the same size as a tennis racket's, too, and is comfortable to hold while you swing.
Built for Power and Endurance 
The Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter runs on 2 "C" batteries, which deliver significantly more zapping power (4000 volts) than the models that use 2 "AA" batteries. (Please note: Electrified strings should not be touched by humans or pets. They won't cause serious injury but will inflict an unpleasant jolt.) Made with strong ABS plastic and zinc steel zapping strings, the Astor Extra Large Electric Swatter will stand up to thousands of swats and keep you insect free through all your indoor and outdoor activities. A starter set of 2 "C" batteries is included with your purchase.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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