Sorry for being Mia Husband to have Surgery

Sorry everyone I be posting a lot of reviews and giveaway's in the next couple weeks please bare with me and my family as my husband is to have heart surgery tomorrow January 17,2013 he will be having a pacemaker put in due to him being born with blue baby syndrome and having surgery when he was a baby he had a lot of scare tissue and lesions so this is what the doctor recommended. Please if you pray can you say a little one for him we would so appreciate it so much!!

Also I will be posting this year not only reviews and giveaways but stuff about our family too because I thought it would be great for our followers to know a little about us and our outings hope everyone will enjoy this and we will be ttc for baby #3 so I would love to post our journey with that also.

Thanks so much for everyone understanding and being such great followers!!!


  1. My thoughts and prayer goes out to your family especially you husband.

  2. Wishing a speedy recovery to your husband! We will say a prayer!
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  3. I hope and pray that he is better now, several months later!

  4. Awww Thanks so much he is doing really well now :)