Friends Giveaway Event FREE Sign-ups!!

Friends Giveaway Event 
FREE Sign-ups!!

Okay ... well I wanted this to be my 2,000 Facebook Fan giveaway but I hit 3,000 so I figured I would just combine them and make a massive blow out that is FREE to bloggers who would like a Facebook and a Twitter link!  (YES BOTH all you do is have to post announcement post click HERE for the HTML)  

I'm also offering co-hosting spots and/or (you can have both $10 total) linking pages for $5 (unlimited amount of links) but if you sign up below for your own giveaway (no min. prize amount) you have the ability to WIN a spot (2 spots available if you win I'll refund your payment)!!!  

There is also a Grace Adele Prize for the blogger who refers the most people so spread the word it's why I'm giving you more than a month sign-ups end 1/25!!

If you'd like to have extra links those can be purchased for $2 per link (3 links for $5, and Unlimited for $10) and any money used to pay for links would be used toward the prize amount only and if we got more than I would double the blogger prize!

Here are some of the choices for the prizes and if you comment on this post letting us know which one you'd pick ... you'll be entered to win the giveaway event prize (which is open to bloggers too)!!

Aren't they adorable??  I love Grace Adele and I'm so excited to be able to give something away!!

Now on to the really fun part!  I'm also asking my friends to give something away too :)  That way if you do not want to participate in the Grace Adele Giveaway but you do want to host your own you can, or you can just be part of this one, or even BOTH!!  

Sign up below the form and you can choose the prize!  
I'm sure you want someone to win something for more than $1 ;)  

Join my Facebook Group HERE
Thank you all for participating and please double check your information!!! 

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