The Perfect Formula For A Happy Family Life?


Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a way that you could ensure your family life ran as smoothly as easily as possible? Of course, nothing is so simple in the real world, and there will always be things sent to try us. However, there are some things you can do to maximize your chances of your family being as happy and healthy as possible. Read on to find out what they are. 

Good communication 

Good communication is something that all families need to be happy and healthy. However, communication is a skill that many of us could brush up on. It's also something that has different types of styles and it's always a good idea to work within a style that your children respond best to. 

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For example, you may have a very direct communication style, and ‘say it like it is’. However, if your child prefers a less pressured approach it is best to go with this. For example, you could give them an option and then allow them to consider their response, perhaps replying over text or email. Remember the aim of communication is for everyone to feel heard! 

Clearly defined values 

Another thing that you need if everyone in your family is to be healthy and happy are clearly defined values. Values are the ways of acting that we see as important and with that in mind, making sure everyone gets to contribute to these can help make your family more cohesive. 

Values should only ever be an action guide though, and not treated as rules that can be broken. After all, we are all human and make mistakes, and the vital thing here is to realign any actions to value rather than meter out punishment. 

Some time for everyone to relax 

Relaxation is crucial for every member of the family from the children to the parents. This means having some time each week to do nothing and chill. Indeed, this can be great for the kids as they often suffer under the pressure of school work, and sports. It's also good for the parents, and taking care of a child can feel like an unending task. 

Indeed, even if you need to use sites like to find someone local that you trust to care for the little ones for an hour or two can make a massive difference. Remember that your emotional and mental well-being as a parent is just as vital for family happiness as any other member of your tribe. 

Quality time spent together 

Whether it's a regular movie or board games night, or you take your kids for days or meals out, some fun quality time together is a must for all families to be happy and healthy. Indeed, by spending time in this way with your kids you show them that you care about them, and want to get to know them as a person. 

Of course, sometimes finances don’t allow for big days out or long vacations, but in the long run, regular consistent family time where you get to be with each other is the most important thing. 

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