Family Camp Review + Overview


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Family Camp is a very entertaining movie when grace Ackerman signs her family up for their church rustic family camp when they are paired with a family that is complete opposites and they have to compete for the coveted game's trophy and it ends up two of the dads get lost in the woods and then their faith and family bonds are tested in this comedy about faith, family, learning to work together. This movie is rated Pg and runs around 111 min.

Some of the features on this Dvd 

*   Trailer

*   Heart of family camp

*    Who are the skit guys

*    Deleted Scenes

*    Deleted Scenes with director commentary

*    Rhett Walker goes behind the scenes

*    Eddie's Yurt Tour

I think this is such a good movie because it takes you away from the everyday things we are accustomed too. Such as internet, hot water and so on. And what is funny right now my kid's are at a church camp in the mountains. So this kinda hits home. 


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