How To Be The Perfect Interview Prep Partner


So, your significant other has a big interview coming up, and you want to be the rockstar support system they need. This can be a tricky role to play, many partners can find it very personal and they can often feel vulnerable when it comes to things like interviews! Here are some things to keep in mind when you take on the role of interview prep partner. Remember, it’s all about teamwork, encouragement, and understanding the nuances of interview prep.

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Understanding The Role

First things first, you actually have to understand the role, if you are to help your partner ace the interview. This isn’t just about quizzing them on potential questions; it’s about being a source of calm and confidence. Your role is to create a supportive environment where they can rehearse and refine their answers.

Create A Realistic Interview Environment

Set up a space that mimics an interview setting. A quiet room with a table and chairs works wonders. This physical setup helps in mentally preparing them for the actual environment they’ll face. Now, here’s where you need to be flexible, if your partner isn’t up for a full mock interview, then don’t push it. This can make them feel uncomfortable, depending on their personality. 

Develop A Question Bank

Next up, make a list of potential questions they might be asked. Make sure you’re mixing in general, behavioral, and job-specific questions. Keep it varied; throw in some curveballs to keep them on their toes. Remember, the goal is to prepare them for anything. Online interview question websites can go a long way to helping you build your question bank. 

Feedback With Finesse

This one is where you need to be careful. Offering feedback is a delicate art, the last thing you want to do is discourage them before their interview. Focus on constructive criticism. Highlight what they’re doing well and offer suggestions on areas they can improve. This is where your tone and choice of words matter significantly. Encourage, don’t discourage.

Body Language Matters

You don’t have to go full Sherlock Holmes, but pay attention to their body language. Are they making eye contact? How’s their posture? Even something as simple as keeping your shirt tucked in can project confidence. Remind them of these small but super important things.

Be Their Stress-Reliever

Interviews can be stressful. Find ways to help them relax. Whether it’s a quick walk, a funny movie, or just a chat about something other than the interview, it’s important to keep the stress levels in check. Your role here is to be the calming influence, and to remind them that it’s not all about the interview.

Tailor Your Approach

Believe it or not, your partner is an individual and every person has a unique way of learning and remembering information. Some may prefer detailed notes, while others might find role-playing more effective. Tailor your approach to what works best for them, not what you think should work.

Be The Listener

Sometimes, all they need is someone to listen. Be that person. Let them voice their fears or concerns. Often, talking things through is all it takes to feel better. For many people, speaking through your thoughts is an excellent way to make sense of what you’re thinking. So sometimes you just have to listen. 

Offer Words Of Encouragement

Before the big day, remember to encourage them. Remind them of their strengths and how well they’ve prepared. A little confidence boost can make a massive difference on the day. Remember, most interviewers form a substantial part of their judgment in the first 2 minutes. So, showing confidence is super important.

Be the Support, Post-Interview

Post-interview, your role is just as important. Whether it’s a celebration of success or comforting in case of setbacks, be there. Remember, it’s not just about this one interview, it’s about the journey they are on, and your support throughout is invaluable.

Celebrate The Effort, Not Just The Outcome

Regardless of the interview outcome, celebrate the effort put into the preparation. This reinforces the idea that hard work is a victory in itself, and every experience is a stepping stone to future success.

Being the perfect interview prep partner is about more than just helping with practice questions. It’s really about understanding, supporting, and being the pillar of strength your partner needs when they are preparing for an interview. With empathy, patience, and a positive approach, you can make a significant difference in their prep. So, be that amazing support system, and watch them shine in their interview!

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