Fun Ways To Engage With Christianity


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Practicing a religion shouldn’t feel like a chore. There are many fun ways to connect with God that are worth exploring if you want to engage more in your faith. Below are just a few examples of fun ways to engage more in Christianity. 

Explore faith-based movies

There are many great faith-based movies out there that can be a fun way of better understanding Christianity and its teachings. Beyond movies based on Biblical scenes, there are many movies that explore people’s faith being tested or overcoming challenges using one’s faith. Just check out some of these inspiring movies available on Netflix

Experiment with different Christian music

Traditional hymns are just one of hundreds of styles of Christian music. There is so much other Christian music out there available in various styles including gospel music, Christian rock, Christian pop and Christian hip hop. There are various online and terrestrial radio stations dedicated to Christian music for discovering artists, as well as Christian music publications and festivals. Listening to such music could be a great way to engage in your faith. And if you’re a musician, you could even consider creating your own Christian music to express your faith. 

Subscribe to Christian YouTube channels and podcasts

The internet has completely transformed the traditional ‘sermon’ into something that can be truly fun and immersive. You’ll find many entertaining YouTube channels online dedicated to exploring Christianity and its teachings. Consider trying out a few of these YouTube channels. There are also many fun and fascinating Christian podcasts that you can listen to that help explore its teachings. These are great for listening to during times when you may not be able to focus on a video (such as when driving or doing housework).  

Play bible games

Bible games aren’t just for kids. Games like Bible quizzes, Bible charades and Bible bingo can be played by people of all ages, and are great for swotting up on your Biblical knowledge. It’s worth noting that there are also board games and apps out there with a Christian spin. Take you time to explore some of these games alone or with fellow Christian friends and family. 

Attend the right church

A good church should be one that you enjoy attending. If you rarely look forward to attending your church, it could be time to explore other churches in your area. Different churches have different styles of worship. Some are more formal, while others are more laid back. Some are small and intimate, while others are large and busy. And of course, the types of people that go to each church can vary. It’s important that you go to a church where you can make friends and relate to other churchgoers. 

Practise giving in fun ways

Giving is core to Christianity and could be one of the best ways of putting your faith into practise. There are many fun ways to give to others including many fundraising options for local charities. Consider taking part in such events, or host your own events and challenges.

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