Nadine West Clothing November Review


Disclaimer, I receive these products, or my honest review!

There is quite a few items I received this month that I really do like. Sometimes it is hard to get a bag where it has most of the items that I like.  What is Nadine West it is a monthly bag that sends you clothing items geared toward your style. You do a style quiz online.And then they send you items out. What you like you keep and what you don’t like you send back in a prepaid envelope.

The first dress I received is this serenity dress in a size medium it has this beautiful blue color I normally don’t gravitate toward blue colors but I really like this one. It is quarter length sleeve and has a cut out in the back on the upper shoulder blade. Wish I find is really attractive.You can actually pair this dress up with sandals or you can wear tennis shoes with it. Either way. It looks really good. 

The next item is this camo long sleeve top it is more of a hunter green and has the camo design on the sleeves it is a long sleeve top. It is the Lolita doleman top it is in a size medium, however, it does fit a little bit big on me. This is more of a top that is flowing compared to other tops. I do like it just wish there was a size smaller. 

The next top I received, is this Esme top it is a really cute top however, it fits a little too tight for my liking. It is more of a crop and low-cut top that is in this beautiful lavender color. The top is in a size medium it is what I typically wear however, with it sitting on the shorter side, a bigger size might have been better. 

Another top I received is this long sleeve flower top that looks like it’s geared towards the fall. Not really my style is called the Sheila rose hera tunic top i’m not really into flowers however, the top fit nicely it is in a size medium. If it’s really good, I would say if it was in a different design or style, then it would be better.

This next item is this Eleanor Ro sleeved dress another dress that is super cute. You could pair it with tennis shoes or dress shoes. It is in this pretty dark blue color it is in a size medium and fits me perfect these are the type of dresses. I like that are kneeling and are not too tight. 

And last, but not least this beautiful hazel necklace this necklace is so beautiful it is very minimalistic and is in silver which I love it can match with any outfit and is also at a pretty good length. I like that this necklace has five individual silver beads on it. 

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