Coming up for the holidays some personal finance tips that will keep you on Budget!


During the holiday season, I am always looking for ways to personally budget for this specific time of year. not only that, but it’s good to budget throughout the year as well whether you are a young college student, someone planning to get married, or just planning for your financial future. This is something that I wish I had started a long time ago, however is not too late to start now. I did find a site that is called which has a ton of different types of calculators on their site everything from mortgage, calculators, auto calculators, credit cards, saving calculators, and financial planning.

You could be planning for retirement, investments, financial planning, loan amortization. like I said, I know I have never been the best planner for my financial future, but it doesn’t hurt to start now I do have younger kids and I want to teach them that it is good to save your money and it is nice to not have to worry and have something there to fall back on. Now it has been really bad these past years with the way inflation has touched our country.

Inflation has been one of the biggest and most stressful times that is happening in our country right now! A lot of people are feeling the effects from this inflation. To have a financial calculator to help support you and decision making and what to do for the future is something that is unbeatable. To use this and know that you can have the security of a financial future is some thing amazing. Some thing that I started out with my children whenever they were born is opening them a savings account. I think this is such a smart idea to set them off for success.

Every time I have a little extra money, I will add it to their accounts. I have tried my best to tell them that Christmas money and birthday money that they get because we are already getting gift cards for the holidays and birthdays I tell them it is a good idea to put any cash that they get instead of going out and spending it into their accounts so that way they are saving for the future. However, they are kids and they want to spend money but no matter what I will always tell them it is best to put that money away when I was younger I did not think responsibly and have been through some things paying off bills and credit cards and such and I don’t want that for them that’s where comes in.

I hope you will take the opportunity to check out the site and play around with all the different types of calculators they have for financial tips. This is some thing that I would recommend telling everybody about so that way everybody is set up for financial success.

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